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Clog Busters​

Jersey Clog Busters, renowned for its prompt and effective clog-clearing services, faced a disconnect between its local popularity and its online presence. The challenge was to bridge this gap and reflect its on-ground success in the digital world.


To enhance Jersey Clog Busters’ digital footprint, leading to an increase in customer inquiries, website leads, phone calls, and organic web traffic.


  • The company’s online presence was underwhelming, with an outdated website.
  • Insufficient visibility in local and organic search results.
  • Limited online customer engagement and review presence.

Strategies Implemented

Website Enhancement

Revamped the website with a modern, user-friendly design focused on showcasing clog-clearing expertise.

Included a blog section for educational content on plumbing and clog prevention.

SEO and Content Marketing

Executed a robust local SEO strategy with a focus on clog-related keywords.

Consistently published informative blog posts to drive organic traffic and educate customers.

Review and Engagement Boost

Implemented a system to encourage and collect customer reviews post-service.

Engaged actively with customers online, addressing queries and feedback.


Increase in Customer Inquiries

Achieved a 95% increase in customer inquiries, indicating heightened interest and engagement.

Website Lead Generation

 Generated 165 new leads through the website, showcasing effective online conversion strategies.

Phone Call Boost

 Experienced a surge in direct contact, with 87 phone calls generated, indicating strong customer response.

Organic Traffic Growth

Witnessed a 200% increase in organic traffic, demonstrating the effectiveness of SEO and content efforts.

The digital strategy overhaul for Clog Busters led to a remarkable improvement in their online engagement and business metrics.

By revamping their website, implementing targeted SEO practices, and enhancing online customer interaction, Clog Busters not only solidified its online presence but also saw substantial growth in customer inquiries, lead generation, and organic traffic.

This case study underscores the power of a cohesive digital strategy in transforming online business performance in the service sector.

Client industry
Plumbing & HVAC
New Jersey

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